How to Check for Broken Links on a Blog and Fix It

July 01, 2021

Broken links also referred to as dead, broken, poorly hosted, or inactive links. Broken links are one of the factors causing the decline in the quality of a blog, especially SEO factors and which can reduce your blog's ranking in search engines.

Here's a tutorial on how to find and stop broken links and prevent them.

What is Broken Link?

In simple definition: A broken link is a link that, when opened, leads to an error page, is dead or inactive.

As a new visitor to a blog or website, you try to enter a link with a good description and you find that the link leads you to an error page. Most likely you will not return to such a blog or website.

Broken links affect the level of trust of visitors to the information or services provided by the blog or website.

What Causes Broken Links

There are several factors that can cause broken links. These factors are discussed below:

1. Error in Writing Link

When writing links, you have to stay focused and be careful by reading the article over and over again. Broken links can also be external links that are not part of your blog, so be careful.

2. Domain Change

If you change your domain name, make sure all the links actually redirect to the domain you just acquired.

3. Change in permalink of posts/articles

Whenever there is a change to the post title it also affects the permalinks but in most cases it changes automatically. Also there might be a problem changing automatically so you will need to check this and make manual changes.

4. Changes in the site directory

This issue only occurs on self-hosted sites like Wordpress. When you move files to the new directory, all links change. Therefore all links need to be redirected to the new directory.

5. Blog Comments

When a comment is dropped in a comment box containing a link, the inactivity of the link also causes the link to break. This is the most critical type because blog owners may not even notice. So it is advisable not to allow posting of links in the comments section.

6. Deleted Files

Links to files made for download such as images, videos, PDFs, or others should be monitored properly if the file is deleted or moved from one address to another. This also causes broken links, so be careful.

How to Check for Broken Links?

This can be done by checking the links one by one... LOL. Sounds crazy? You would ask me what if you had millions of links on your blog. But don't be afraid.

Some websites allow you to be able to check for broken links on your blog for free without spending a dime. It only takes a little time!

So how do you do this? Just follow these steps:

1. Open this site: 

2. Enter your website address and click  Find broken links 

3. Fill in the correct security code according to the image that appears and click  Find broken links now! 

4. Wait until the website is fully checked. After a while you will get the report.

Get rid of broken links

As I said, dead links mostly come from the URL in the comments section especially the commenter's profile link. So to solve it follow the steps given below:

1. Deactivate the profile URL in blogger comments. Just like on this blog, comments that contain links are not allowed and the name of the commenter does not have a link to their profile.

2. For other reported errors, click the src button next to it and you will be directed to the article. Just delete or edit the link


1. When writing a link that is part of your blog, do not write full web address like in the example below:

Write only in the marked area starting from the slash ( / ) as shown.

 <a href="/p/contact.html"title="title">Contact Us</a>

This way is recommended because you may sometimes change domains. At that time, you won't need to rewrite your link, it will be redirected automatically

2. Do not enable external links, make them in text form as you may not note any changes to the link and that will cause the damage

Note: I recommend that you check for broken links at least once in three months.


Thus the article on How to Check Broken Links on a Blog and Fix It , Hopefully this article is useful, that's all and Thank you.