How to Minify CSS and JavaScript on Blogger

May 03, 2021

Hey Guys, Today I will show you How to Minify CSS and JavaScript on Blogger BlogSpot and increase the speed of your blog. It is highly recommended by Google to increase page load speed for better ranking in search engines. This article will help you learn everything about minimizing CSS and JavaScript for Blogger blogs. 

Anyone can easily minify CSS and JavaScript by making a few changes to the Blogger template and can increase page loading speed. For the WordPress platform, they are many free plugins that you can use and minimize CSS and JavaScript easily such as W3 Total Cache and Wordpress Minify. If you are using the WordPress platform, then just use a plugin to Minify CSS and JavaScript. However on Blogger Blogspot you have to manually minify CSS and JavaScript.

For this, I will help you to Minify CSS and JavaScript in Blogger BlogSpot template and also show you How to Compress HTML Blogger Template Code Online for Fast Loading speed. There are many online tools available on the internet to minify CSS and JavaScript, some of which are listed below.

How Minifying CSS and JavaScript work

Three languages (​​HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are used to create/design Blogger templates and give blogger its valuable appearance. But it is absolutely necessary to optimize blogger speed, by removing render-blocking JavaScript and CSS on your part. Minifing is a method to reduce web page size by compressing Coding HTML blogger template which will increase loading speed. 

When you minimize coding of CSS, JavaScript and HTML content it will automatically increase your blog's load speed. All search engines recommend reducing the number of requests from web pages, Combining external JavaScript into a single file, and minimizing CSS. In fact, Minifier removes whitespace, special characters and other useless code from CSS or JavaScript code.

Why You Should Minify CSS and JavaScript

Google and all other search engines highly recommend minimizing the CSS and JavaScript of your blog. The main reason for shrinking is to speed up the loading speed of web pages for high rankings. Minimizing CSS and JavaScript is also an important part of SEO, and you'll get a better user experience. You can do this by reducing the size of your blog's CSS and JavaScript coding files.

Minify vs Compression

Basically, Minify is a typical programming term that means removing unwanted, useless, and unnecessary characters that are not needed. Minify CSS and JavaScript code speeds up the loading of your pages, by removing code (spaces, characters, URL blocks, delimiters) and making it compatible with search engines. The minifier removes certain code that was used for readability but did not execute correctly. Minimize CSS and JavaScript reduces the amount of code that interprets language on the web.

Minimizing code is completely different from compressing data, but they both reduce the size of the HTML code which makes it efficient between the server and the browser. Compressed data requires un-compression, and that can be done directly by your server. The server compresses the HTML template code and sends it across the network, the browser accepts that compression and unzips it before use.

How to Compress HTML Blogger Template Code Online

Here we are going to compress blogger HTML, before starting it is recommended to save a copy of blogger HTML template in case you need to change your template. Here is an online tool called HTML Compressor which allows you to reduce the size of your blogger template HTML code safely. It can also compress javaScript and can minimize CSS coding. 

With this online tool, you can select HTML compression level, enable or disable JavaScript optimization, and minimize CSS. This easy to use and user friendly interference online tool is totally Optimized with Blogspot blogger. To get a compressed version of the HTML blogger template, simply copy and paste the entire code. Compressor HTML stripping code automatically, and replace before compression. You can convert or compress your blogger HTML code to JavaScript with just one click.

Just follow the steps below and see how actually reducing Blogger Template HTML size will speed up your site.

  • Open your blogger account and open the template then click edit HTML.
  • PresCTRL+A simultaneously on your keyboard to select all code and then presCTRL+C to copy it to clipboard .
  • Now open HTML Compressor site in another tab to compress blogger template.
  • Paste the entire code in the compression box.
  • Select "Blogger" from the drop-down menu on the right.
  • Hit the "Compress" button from the bottom of the page.
  • Wait for the process to complete, depending on the size of your HTML.
  • Once done, copy the compressed code and paste it into the blogger template HTML.
  • Click Save and enjoy fast page load speed.

How to Minify CSS on Blogger

There are many online tools available on the internet to minify CSS and JavaScript. But there are three recomended online tools to minify CSS are CSSCompressorCSSMinifier and Tech Infero CSS MinifierThere is another online tool that can minify CSS and JavaScript at once called, it's much easier to just use one of the many compressors available online.

  • Go to your blogger dashboard, click on theme from the sidebar and click Edit HTML.
  • To Minify CSS press CTRL+Fon your keyboard to find.
  • Type  <b: skin>  and press enter (if.there is no  <b:skin>  then search  &lt;b: skin&gt;
  • Copy the entire CSS code between <b:skin>and </b:skin>.
  • Go to any online minifier tool, paste the code in the CSS minifier box and press the "MINIFY" button.
  • After a few seconds, you will get a minimized version of the CSS code.
  • Enter the HTML Blogger and replace it with an intermediate code <b:skin>and <b:skin>, click Save Template.
  • Check your blogger speed on google page speed insight, you will see better results

How to Minify JavaScript on Blogger

JavaScript Minifier is a JavaScript parser, minifier, online compressor toolkit that allows you to compress and shrink JavaScript files up to 70% of their original size. Just copy and paste your JavaScript code, or you can upload and merge multiple .js files and then minify them. This JavaScript Minifier tool removes whitespace, indentation, newlines and makes JavaScript harder to read when viewing the source and more challenging to reverse or copy. It can combine all Javascript files into one file, reduce the number of HTTP requests and make JavaScript minification more effective.

  • Go to your blogger dashboard, click on theme and click on Edit HTML.
  • To Minify JavaScript press CTRL + F, type it <script>and hit enter.
  • Copy the entire JavaScript code.
  • Go to "", paste the code in the JavaScript minifier box and press the "MINIFY" button.
  • You will get a minimized version of the JavaScript code.
  • Go back to Blogger HTML and change that code.
  • Now you will get better results on google page speed insights.


Replace <script>with <script type='text/javascript'>
For CSS Replace <style>with<style type='text/css'>


Thus the article about How to Minify CSS and JavaScript on Blogger. I hope this article is useful, that's all and Thank you.